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Paintball is an extremely enthralling sport that just about anyone can engage in. The sport blends adrenaline, action, strategy, and projectiles hurling over the air at speeds that are over 200 miles an hour. This sport ranks high when it comes to the activities that can help you take care of the holidays in a nice and interesting manner. This sport, that may involve exposure to hilly terrain, slippery trails, rain, is an extreme outdoor activity that all fun lovers should plan to attend.

Consider the type of clothing you wear when preparing for paintball. Since the paintballs travel at high speeds, baseball hats or paintball headwear is essential to protect the tender head. As for the chest, the rule of the thumb is to expose as little skin as possible in order to avoid the numerous stings that would otherwise irritate the sensitive area. Hands are not spared when exchanging paintball shots, and covering them with gloves would be the wisest thing. To ensure that you have the courage to make the most shots without being scared of exposing the legs, cover them well too. Lastly, carry along the shoes that you do not mind dirtying. 

It is clear that a well-dressed paintball player will experience the extremeness of the outdoor event. Colorful and complete paintball suits might be the best option to ensure that  your choice of clothing does not compromise your safety while denying you the freedom to enjoy maximally. With corporate paintball package, individual paintball package, and marker paintball package within your reach, sorting and choosing the best clothes to carry along for paintball is not a hustle at all.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Difficulty Level: Hard
  • Difficulty Level: Very Hard
  • Adrenaline: Low
  • Adrenaline: Medium
  • Adrenaline: High
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Age Restrictions: 7yrs
  • Age Restrictions: 12yrs
  • Age Restrictions: 18yrs (Adults)
  • Specialised Equipment Required
  • Child Friendly
  • Preferred Seasons: Autumn
  • Preferred Seasons: Spring
  • Preferred Seasons: Summer
  • Preferred Seasons: Winter