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    March/April 2021
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Dare To Climb:Aiming for the Top

"Everyone wants to live on the top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs
when you are climbing it "
- Andy Rooney

Last month we featured diving in Diani, an opportunity to discover the exotic world that lies under the sea. This month we are taking you to the opposite extreme; climbing Africa’s second highest mountain, truly one of the most mystical extreme experiences you will ever encounter.

Standing at 5,199 metres above sea level, Mt Kenya, an extinct volcano is one of the only places on earth you will be able to experience snow on the equator. The mountain has been designated by Unesco as a world heritage site which features; 12 remnant glaciers; all receding rapidly, and three secondary peaks: Lenana ( 4,985 m), Nelion ( 5,188m ) and Batian the highest of the three.

With its impressive snow-capped summits and forested middle slopes, this dominant feature of the central Kenyan landscape is a truly a sight to behold. We share with you the words of avid mountain climber Peter Naituli on what inspires him to keep climbing:

"It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what inspires me about climbing. In the case of Mt. Kenya, I say it is a very beautiful mountain, a holy mountain. It's highest reaches are inaccessible to most creatures on earth, that's why being up there is so special"

Amongst Peter’s achievements is a solo climb to Batian an experience he captured on film, shared herebelow, showing just what it takes to conquer the peaks. Click here to watch

For those of you who would like to discover for yourselves more about this majestic mountain and to test the boundaries of your endurance; we have partnered with Naro Moru River Lodge who have been taking climbers up Mt Kenya for more than 70 years, to offer a range of climbing and trekking options for the every level of experience.

For more information on how to engage: Click here

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#ChoosetoChallenge – International Women’s Day 2021

“ A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes changes. We choose to challenge and to raise awareness about gender bias” Extreme Sport is a notoriously male dominated world; in this issue and in recognition of International Womens Day 2021; we recognize the achievements of these remarkable women who have chosen to challenge the norm and risen to extraordinary positions of leadership and success in Motorcycling Sport in Africa.


In Leadership

Noleen Roome:

National Motocross Organiser and Motorsport South Africa Motocross (MX) Commission Member.
“I became involved with bikes when we rode on the farm as kids, but never rode off road bikes again until my son and husband started riding about 15 years ago. Soon after riding my son’s bike I realised I still loved the freedom of riding off road bikes, and we started riding as a family
My daughter then got bitten by the motocross bug and that’s when I realised I had the passion and skills to work in motorsport, and here I am 11 years later still doing it.
Together with MSA I organise and run Moto Kids – a grassroots kids series I started 5 years ago, I organised the MX Nationals in SA and I have been team manager for the SA MX team on several occasions. Historically we also worked with MSA on a WIM project Diamonds & Dirt and several big women’s day events.”

Sheryl Vienna Kibaki:

Trustee of the Motorcycle Sport Federation of Kenya
“Motor sports has always been a passion; however, my involvement with motorcycle sport started when my son decided to take up MX. Yes, I was one of those busy body mums and sure enough got roped into the administration of the sport. I sat for my Clerk of the Course Officials License (MX & Enduro) under Ray Wilson (RIP) and the rest is history. I have served as a commission member on the Kenya Motor Sports Federation – Motorcycle Commission, Vice-Chairman of East African Motor Sports Club, Council Member FIM Africa and one of the founding members and VP for Women In Motorcycle in Africa. I loved my experiences being on the FIM Africa Council, I met some wonderful people. In 2017, I felt it was time to try something else and make room for new people to come forward. I maintained my position as Board member of Motorcycle Sports Federation of Kenya and more recently Chairman of the Super-Bike Commission - a new discipline in Kenya. I am still actively involved in sports administration and building the various disciplines in Kenya.”

Gillian Dykes:

Council Member; FIM Africa
“I am with Motorsport South Africa, and work as an official on their Cross Country Events. I am also involved with both FIM Africa and also with FIM on the Cross Country Commission. I have been fortunate enough to be at several international events, either as an official, or looking after the riders, so have been able to travel quite extensively through the sport. Cross Country rallies are my passion, but Enduro and Motocross are also fantastic events to work at.”

Anne Troughton:

Member of the FIM Africa Enduro/Cross Country Commission
“I have worked as an Official, Team Manager, and organiser for Motorcycle Sports Federation of Kenya for over 20 years, both in MX and Enduro/ Off Road. I have also officiated at several International events throughout Africa for FIM Africa, or taken Kenyan teams to these events. This has allowed me to travel the country and meet some amazing people along the way.”

In Sport

Taye Perry

“ At 29, with multiple offroad and cross country championships to my name, I took on and, even with problems that almost cost me my race, conquered the 2020 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia on a motorcycle, with plans to return in the future to prove I have what it takes to run with the best. My passion is long distance, desert, rally raid and cross country rally racing. I’ve done rallies here in Southern Africa, North Africa and North America, with no plans of slowing down.”


Mina Reeve

“I have been riding for a year and a half now. I currently ride a Yamaha R25 as I feel it’s better on the tracks I race on. I love racing because of the skill involved. The thrill, adrenaline and excitement is overwhelming. Click Here

Moronga Mahope

“Morongoa “Mo” Mahope is a super bike racer. She learned to ride a motorcycle in 2013 at the age of 30 and at that time used her motorcycle mainly for leisure & commuting purpose. In 2015, she was introduced to circuit riding with the intention of improving her riding skills in order to become a safer rider on the road.
She enjoyed circuit riding so much that a year later (in 2016) at the age of 33 years she started circuit racing thereby becoming the first female of colour to race super bikes in South Africa. In the four years of racing, she adjusted from racing different types of motor bikes from 150cc, 250cc, 600cc & 1000cc mean machines. “


Leah Heygate

“My name is Leah Heygate I am 20 years old, and I have been riding since I was 5. I mostly race motocross but I love to get involved with the cross country racing from time to time. What got me into riding was my dad but my passion and love for the sport has what has kept me in it. I cant really say what has been my best moment as I have had many, every time I ride it’s a fantastic feeling, but one of my favourite highlights was winning my first MXoAN in 2015 at only 15 years old in Zimbabwe. My worst moments in the sport have been the setbacks from injury. But as most say its not an easy sport. What keeps me going as previously mentioned is my love for the sport and the community that surrounds the racing. If I was to give one piece of advice is that you should always keep on reaching for the stars, never give up, its a long road but its so worth it. “

We celebrate their acts of courage and determination which have made an impact in creating an all inclusive world.

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“The most dangerous thing you can do in life, is to play it safe”

-Casey Neistat



Upcoming Events

Mike Dunford Fishing Tournament 20th March 2021

Africa Rally Championship: Equator Rally Kenya : 24th to 25th April 2021

Forest Trail Blaze: 24th April, 2021

Jaza Van

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Mt. Kenya Climb:

Option 1: 4 day Trek
19th to 22nd August 2021
Climbing up on Sirimon Route and descending on Naro Moru route
Kshs 32,0000 ppn ( resident rate)
USD 531 ppn ( non-resident) min 8 pax

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Option 2: 3 Day Trek
20th to 22th August 2021
Climbing up and descending on Naro Moru Route
Kshs 27,900/- ppn ( resident)
USD 479 ( non-resident) min 8 pax

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For regular updates and livestream sports news from Africa; visit: www.spnafrica.com



Explore The Unknown

Beginner and intermediate level weekend rides, hikes and multi-activity tours located in scenic locations in and around the greater Nairobi area. Most rides and hikes will be mainly off road but may include short on-road sections.

Upcoming rides:

  • 13th March :Saikeri
  • 20th March (Multi activity): Sagana
  • 27th March (Explore Hikes):Longonot

Advanced/Intermediate : approx. 40-50 km
Beginner: approx. 15 km

If you wish to rent a bike from Limitless, please contact the number below before end of day Thursday for pick up on Friday the workshop located at Alliance Place in Westlands from 2.00 pm on Friday.

Bike rental charges are : Kshs 1,000/- per day for Explore.Rides and Kshs 2,000/- per day for private rentals; this includes Bike and Helmet.

If you are using your own bike it is recommended that you bring to the workshop for a tune up to ensure it is in good working condition for touring. Contact the number below to book a suitable time for this.

A facilitation fee of Kshs 1,500/- is payable for guiding. For rides/hikes outside of Nairobi and multi-day activities a higher facilitation fee will be applicable. Bookings will be confirmed by payment latest by Friday at noon the day before the activity. (Spaces are limited)

Before making payment kindly contact the booking office to confirm fees, check on availability of space and bikes. Also note: venue charges may apply depending on the tour destination.

What to carry: water, comfortable sports attire, light rain or windproof jacket, energy bars and snacks. For multi-activity tours camping equipment will be required. (Contact us should you need to hire)

How to prepare: eat healthy, hydrate and get enough rest before the activity. Be ready to have fun!

All activities are conducted in accordance with the required Covid -19 health protocols and face coverings are mandatory for all participants.

Contact: 0720 930 757 for more information on the schedule of rides and bookings.

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