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Dare to Soar

To dare: to have the courage to do something, a challenge especially to prove courage.

Have you ever wanted to soar with the eagles and feel on top of the world? Climbing mountains offers a unique opportunity to do just this, but it does not come without its challenges which take courage to overcome. So then why would you choose to climb?

For many it is an almost spiritual experience that involves leaving behind the material things of the world and reconnecting with one’s deepest sense of self. The experience is heighted by the physical exertion, the crisp clean unpolluted air and the presence of nature in all its glorious forms that surrounds you as you tackle the ascent. It is a chance to disconnect with the constant bombardment of everyday life, the mundane routines and the demands they place on you. Something about this experience brings into clear focus the urgency of life, the vibrance and restorative power of nature and the simplicity of what really matters to our well-being and contentment.

The physical and mental exertion, which is real, and the constant awareness of imminent danger from the terrain, the weather, the wildlife and our own physical reaction to the high altitude add to the constant pump of adrenaline that awakens your senses and leaves you feeling more alive than ever before. The higher you go, the more intense the experience and the thrill of reaching the peak crowns the feeling of accomplishment quelling any remnant of exhaustion while reaffirming the notion that with courage and perseverance you can achieve anything; but you must be willing to Dare!

Beyond the thrill of conquering a bucket list feat and truly allowing you to soar with the eagles, climbing offers a multitude of lasting health benefits, both mental and physical!

For more info on climbing Mt. Kenya Click here


Bikers for Boobies Cancer Awareness Campaign

This year in commemoration of Breast Cancer awareness, the Women Bikers’ Association, (WBA), led an initiative dubbed Bikers for Boobies to raise awareness on the disease within its biking community and to the wider public. Throughout the month of October in partnership with Cancer Café, Inked Sisterhood, and Throttle Queens clubs, the ladies disseminated key messages and facts on cancer through our social media platforms to put spotlight on myths and realities around cancer for people to be better informed about the disease and its impact.

In culmination of the campaign, the bikers conducted a ‘Ride for Cancer’ to Sagana with over 90 male and female bikers including doctors, health experts, and cancer warriors riding from Nairobi to educate us more about the disease. During this event they conducted a series of activities including breast ultrasounds for 15 women conducted by volunteer doctors, speed-date group talks on nutrition, causes, treatments, and types of cancer and also heard from the cancer warriors who shared their personal testimonies of hope and courage on how they are living with the disease.

Prior to this, WBA hosted an insightful Webinar dubbed, ‘The Pink Circle’ where experts shared information about cancer to debunk myths around it as well as listened to breast cancer advocates and personal testimonies to learn more about screening, early detection, and various cancers prevalent in men and women in Kenya. In addition, WBA organised a successful ‘Pink Friday’ selfie day where both male and female bikers were mobilised to post a selfie wearing anything pink and dedicate it to someone they knew that has been affected by cancer and all those caring for cancer survivors.

In running this campaign, WBA’s objective was to see an increase in awareness on cancer and early detection that speaks to their campaign slogan Check Often, Detect Early, Save Lives.

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“Courage to me is doing something daring, no matter how afraid, insecure, intimidated, alone, unworthy, incapable, ridiculed or whatever other paralyzing emotion you might feel. Courage is taking action….no matter what. So you’re afraid? Be afraid. Be scared silly to the point you’re trembling and nauseous, but do it anyway.”

– Richelle E Goodrich



Upcoming Events

Diani Samaki Classic; Safari Beach Hotel, Diani: 9th/10th January 2021

Kilimanjaro Marathon, Moshi, Tanzania: 28th February 2021


Mike Dunford Fishing Tournament; Nyali, Mombasa: 20th March 2021





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Athi Kapiti

Date: Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th November 2020
Venue: Lisa Ranch and Wildlife Sanctuary
Cost: Kshs 7,500/-
Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5

For bookings and details visit : www.explore.co.ke
or contact: 0720 930 757


Date: Friday 11th to Tuesday 15th December, 2020
Venue: South Coast, Mombasa
Cost: Kshs 19,900/-
Skill level: Intermediate and advanced
Difficulty level: 4 out of 5

For bookings and details visit : www.explore.co.ke
or contact: 0720 930 757

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Beginner and intermediate level weekend rides located in scenic locations in and around the greater Nairobi area. Most rides will be mainly off road but may include short on-road sections.

Upcoming rides:

  • Saturday 7th November : Tatu City
  • Saturday 14th November : Tuala
  • Saturday 21st November : Githunguri
  • Saturday 28th/29th November : Athi Kapiti

Advanced/Intermediate: approx. 40-50 km
Beginner: approx. 15 km

If you wish to rent a bike from Limitless, please contact the number below before end of day Thursday for pick up on Friday the workshop located at Alliance Place in Westlands from 2.00 pm on Friday.

Bike rental charges are : Kshs 1,000/- per day for Explore.Rides and Kshs 2,000/- per day for private rentals; this includes Bike and Helmet.

If you are using your own bike it is recommended that you bring to the workshop for a tune up to ensure it is in good working condition for touring. Contact the number below to book a suitable time for this.

A facilitation fee of Kshs 1,500/- is payable for guiding for local rides. For rides outside of Nairobi and Multi-day rides a higher facilitation fee will be applicable. Bookings will be confirmed by payment latest by Friday at noon the day before the ride. ( Spaces are limited) Before making payment kindly contact the booking office to confirm fees, check on availability of space and bikes. Also note: venue charges may apply depending on the ride destination. All rides are conducted in accordance with the required Covid -19 health protocols and face coverings are mandatory for all riders.

What to carry: water, comfortable sports attire, light rain or windproof jacket, energy bars and snacks.

How to prepare: eat healthy, hydrate and get enough rest before the rides.

Contact: 0720 930 757 for more information on the schedule of rides and bookings or visit our website www.explore.co.ke




Join the Explorers Club and enjoy a myriad of benefits including:

Annual Bronze Membership of Maisha; Flying Doctors Evacuation Service
10% coupon for Explore.Offgrid excursions
30% off Explore.Rides
01 free annual bike service ( parts not included)
01 free skill development session
Complimentary Explore gift item
Annual Membership fee is 15,000/- per person. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information and details visit our website: www.explore.co.ke or contact us on 0720 930 757

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Because life is meant for living.

Shenzi Life
Clothing for outdoor living

This comfortable 100% cotton outdoor wear is custom designed and stitched in Kenya; ideal for before and after rides, hot days out in the sun, cool evenings by the bonfire or simply hanging out in the company of good friends.

Long and short sleeved available;
Kshs 1,400/ short sleeved
Kshs 1,800/- long sleeved.

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To Order 0722 344885 or info@extremeoutdoorsafrica.com

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