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$390.00 excl. tax

1 dive on Watamu Reef $45 (EUR 35.34)
1 wreck dive $46 (EUR 36.12)
1 day – double dive including equipment $120.00 (EUR 94.24)
1 night dive $55.00 (EUR 43.19)
3 dives $130.00 (EUR 102.09)
10 dives $390 (EUR 306.27)
Diving safari Kilifi (1 day, 2 tanks, minimum 4 people) $170.00 (EUR 133.50)

Dolphin Seafari Day excursion

$69.00 excl. tax

Take a day excursion to see the dolphins and explore the Kisite Marine Park and Wasini Island.

The Kisite Marine Park is a feast of colour and movement year round, with eye-catching coral fish including butterfly, parrot, angel fish and sting rays. Dolphins are common, as are big shoals of bonito and frigate mackerel.

Our full day excursion to the Kisite Marine Park and Wasini Island offer you the opportunity to experience dhow sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fine seafood dining at Charlie Claw’s, relaxing by our Lazy Lagoon pool and dolphin spotting in the tranquil settings of the Wasini Channel.