(05 Days, 04 Overnights) Up Sirimon and down Chogoria OR Vice Versa


Day 1.
Morning spent sorting and organizing equipment for the mountain trek and be driven to the Sirimon gate. An easy 3 hrs walk through equatorial forest to Judmaier’s Camp (3,300m) for overnight in the high
altitude mountain tents.

Day 2.
Hike up to the Mackinder Valley one of the broadest valleys and spectacular view of the main peaks – Batian and Nelion, overnight at Shiptons camp just below the main peaks. Walking time approximately 6-7 hours and overnight in high altitude tents.

Day 3.
Alpine ascent to the highest peak, Pt. Lenana (4985m). En route up the north face little used by tourists. Four hours of stiff walking to the summit. Then descend to Mintos camp for breakfast and rest. In the afternoon have walk down to Vivian falls, Lake Michealson enjoying great views of the Gorges valley. Back to the camp for dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 4.
After breakfast descend to Mount Kenya Meru bandas for overnight. At the camp there is
refreshing drinks on sale and lucking you can have a hot shower from their firewood heated water.

Day 5.
After breakfast you will be picked by vehicle from Meru bandas and drive through beautiful natural forest
to Chogoria town, Meru town, Nayuki then to Naro Moru River Lodge for a hot shower and a well earned

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