Learn To Fly:6 session; full learn to fly


6 session; full learn to fly :  Kshs 25,000/-  (USD 250) – inclusive of training manual

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4 sessions at Nairobi Polo Club :

Equipment (Paraglider/Harness/Helmet/Gloves) provided

  • In depth theory of paragliding
  • Perfection of front and reverse launch techniques on flat ground


2 sessions at base of Kijabe Hill (local paragliding site 1h drive from Nairobi :

  • Equipment (Paraglider/Harness/Helmet/Gloves)  and transport provided
  • Perfection of front and reverse launch techniques on a slope
  • First ‘bunny hops’ on a slope


If committing to the 6 sessions of training it is advisable to acquire your own paragliding kit for flying and train with it from the beginning.

We can advise you which kit suits you best. The ground handling trainer is 15 year experienced licensed paraglider pilot and distributor for a world renowned Paraglider Equipment brand (https://www.flybgd.com/en/).

Costs for full kit (paraglider/harness/reserve parachute) is USD 3500 including shipment costs to Kenya -well maintained it can be kept for 10-15 years

  • Lessons must be booked in advance and will be conducted subject to availability of trainers and weather conditions
  • Requirement to glide in Kenya Airspace; annual membership to the Paragliding Association of Kenya at 2,500/- pa:



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