Greening Kenya One Tree At A Time.

We are proud to announce that EOA and Africa Extreme will be partnering with Miti Alliance as part of their commitment to running sustainable events and supporting conservation initiatives.

Who is Miti Alliance?
Miti Alliance was founded in 2018 as a social enterprise in Kenya. Our drive to formation was inspired by late Prof. Wangari Mathaai’s legacy, whose passion to environment torched our vision to SUSTAIN LIFE through planting, growing and maintaining trees by Educating, Empowering and Sustaining the Environment. The soul and heartbeat of humanity is the people and resources that they use to live. Miti Alliance purposed to positively impact the environment for humanity to live in harmony with nature. Our goal is to plant 5 Million trees by 2025 to restore an imbalanced global ecosystem by taking urgent action to combat climate change and its negative impact: SDG13.

“We chose to be the citizens that make the difference, however small, to make our environment sustainable.”

Our mission: SUSTAIN LIFE through planting, growing and maintaining trees through Educating, Empowering and Sustaining the environment.

Our Vision: Greening Kenya One Tree At A Time –To help achieve 10% forest cover in Kenya.

Our social enterprise has an immediate strategic plan to plant 5million trees by year 2025 and in the long run make Kenya achieve a 10% forest cover which is currently at 6.99% (Source National Forest Policy). We have so far planted and distributed close to 200,000 trees and seedlings through our partner schools program and corporate sponsors. We believe we can achieve this with support from Kenya National & County Govenrment, Multi-lateral donors, Instituonal partners, Corporates, NGOs, CBOs and individuals citizens who ascribe to our vision at MIti Alliance.
What do we do:

We support the setup of tree nurseries and planting of trees in school and we also make kitchen gardens. We also followup and monitor the growth of trees we have planted through a digital technology and physical followups. We also provide consultancy and management services for tree growing projects. We advocate for conservation and sustainability of the environment through our media channels. Miti Alliance also has a tree nursery that sells tree seedlings for various tree species at affordable prices whilst also provide training for those who want to learn more about growing trees or food sustainably.
Impact so far:

30 schools
5 Universities
8 Sponsors
7 Partners
12,000 tree seedlings planted
50,000 seed balls distributed
71 Schools
80 Trained youths & women
50 Kitchen gardens
10,200 tree seedlings planted via Miti schools programme
81,000 seed balls distributed
87,115 tree seedlings Equity Bank

Watch this space for more information on how partner/collaborate or sponsor Miti Alliance. For further details visit:

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